How to Effectively Manage Time during 10th Board Examination?

How to Effectively Manage Time during Board Examination?

How to Effectively Manage Time during 10th Board Examination?

How to Effectively Manage Time during Board Examination?

Be it your parents, teachers, siblings, or friends; you must have heard that the 10th board examination is the first and most important exam of your life. Therefore, you have to do very well in your board examination to have a good career and a bright future. Therefore, first and foremost, joining the best coaching institute in Bhubaneswar for class x is crucial as they have suitable faculties who will train you to become exam-ready from day 1.

While you are taking a board exam, time management plays a major factor. You will have to learn the art much before sitting with the paper and pen in your hand in the examination hall. With board exams just a few months away, it is important you gear up for the D-day. Along with studying for board examinations, time management is crucial, so students must prepare for different competitive exams to decide on their careers.

Most students naturally possess the art of time management, while for others learning to manage their time effectively is quite essential. Being a board exam student, you might need some tips to help you manage your time effectively and efficiently. Here we will provide you with some tips on how to manage your time efficiently:

  • Using Your Time Wisely: The most crucial tip is to practice beforehand to save yourself from this unnecessary panic. Before the exam, you can solve practice papers in an exam environment and set a stopwatch for two or three hours. Solving practice papers will not help you understand the exam pattern but will help you get used to solving 25-40 questions at a stretch without taking any big break.
  • Taking time to read the question paper: At the beginning of your examination, take a good ten minutes skimming through the question paper. Do not start writing in a hurry. Mark the question which you think demands time and then prioritize accordingly. Always remember to put down some keywords next to each question. It might help you with the thought process to flow smoothly, thereby saving you some time.
  • Solve Easy Questions First: Try solving the easier to solve questions. Most of the time, it is not compulsory for you to solve the question according to the order. You can change the order and solve the easier ones first. This will give you ample time to solve the lengthy questions. Moreover, it will also boost confidence as you will have solved half of the questions correctly.  
  • Allocate time for each section: Always allocate a certain time for every section while practising beforehand. For example, if you have three sections in your question paper and three hours to solve them. Either try allocating equal time for each section or according to the difficulty level of the questions in each section. Even during the exam, time yourself and ensure you get through every section in your stipulated time. It will ensure that you complete your paper on time. The faculties at the best coaching institute in Bhubaneswar for class x will teach you different ways to do it.
  • Don’t waste time on a question: Don’t get stuck on any particular question while solving the paper. If you cannot recall the answer within one to two minutes of reading it, leave the question. There are situations when you might know answers to only some parts of the question. You should write what you know and jump to another question in those cases. You can later come back to the questions and finish the rest of the paper if you have time left. 
  • Go for video tutorials/lectures: Ideally, one or two months before the exam, students have already completed their syllabus and start their final round of revision. However, if they haven’t, watching video tutorials or lectures will help in a relatively short time. Since visual learning is engaging, it helps in learning faster and retaining longer.

There you have it! These are some basic tips and tricks that will help you manage your time and efficiently prepare for your upcoming board examination in class 10.


Effective time management plays a crucial role in a student’s life and is a significant step towards a successful career. With the board examination round the corner, we hope the tips mentioned above help you manage your time efficiently.

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